Welcome Our New Vice President of Talent Management!

With our new strategic priority on preventing devastating outcomes for Rhode Island’s most vulnerable children through innovative approaches, we know that a critical element is our staff.  In fact, it is our staff that make the difference in the lives of the children and families we serve every day.

Our work is about doing whatever it takes to change the trajectory of the lives of vulnerable children and families. To accomplish this goal we need to whatever it takes to recruit, hire, retain and develop the most talented people in the early childhood workforce.  Joining Children’s Friend is not just about a job, it is a commitment to a set of values and a way of doing work in the early childhood sphere.  Our new department will focus on our people and how we support them to grow professionally…to ensure we continue to have the most exceptional workforce to serve vulnerable children and families.

With that said, we are excited to welcome our Vice President of Talent Management, who joins us this week.  Rebecca Paquette brings with her a wealth of human resource knowledge, a commitment to diversity, inclusion and engagement, a passion for entrepreneurial approaches to employee relations and specifically a dedication to talent management.