What Are You Looking Forward To Next?

We’re only just finished with the winter holiday season and the next holidays are popping up in newsfeeds on Facebook and Instagram and in retail stores.  Some people even have the countdown to next Christmas going already.  What are you looking forward to “next”?  Are you ready for whatever it is?

What I’m looking forward to most is Spring!  Just a mere 72 days away from today.  It’s my favorite season because it’s the time of year when we begin to see everything come up new outside.  Flowers, trees, grass, small animals, everything seems to be starting anew.  In my yard we have a pretty big garden that gets its start in early March with the planting of spring peas!  Although my husband does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the planning, planting and upkeep, we sometimes can be found out there together weeding or picking the vegetables when they’re ready.  We enjoy the benefits of our garden for much of the year.

I know that not everyone has a big yard like I do, but if you have even just a couple of containers full of dirt on your front steps–you can have a garden.  If you’re thinking that you might like to try growing your own food, check out the offer from the URI Master Gardner program.  In partnership with Ocean State Job Lot, they’re making seeds available to everyone in Rhode Island; individuals, schools, youth groups, you name it!  You just have to pay for postage to have them sent to you!  It’s a great way to get a jump start on gardening this year whether you’re new to it or you’re already an experienced gardener.

For information about the program you can go to THIS LINK.   And for a 2019 Seed Order Form GO HERE.