When “Their” Goals Are “Our” Goals



I was very excited to attend a meeting with the Department of Health this past week as they are designing their priorities for Maternal and Child Health for the next 5 years.  It made me think of the possibilities of our work as an agency and the potential that we have to make a collective impact on the wellbeing of Rhode Islanders.

One of the goals we selected as a priority of the work of the agency is the importance of breastfeeding.  The choice to breastfeed is one of the greatest investments that parents can make in their child.   Our goal is to ensure that all staff at Children’s Friend understands and supports the important role that breastfeeding plays in the development of babies.  And with our new electronic record that will launch later this year, we will know when moms are breastfeeding and how we can support them better.

When “their” goals are “our” goals, the impact that we can have together are without limits.