Winter Fun for Families

The sun is coming up just a few minutes earlier and setting just a minute or two later every day.  We all want spring and summer to get here sooner than Mother Nature will allow.  And, with February vacation week becoming a thing of the past for some communities in Rhode Island, what’s a family to do for fun?


Well, there’s plenty to do in and around Rhode Island for free or at a very low cost, like the RISD Museum for free on Sundays, or half-price admission to Roger Williams Park Zoo in January and February, and, you can even touch the animals at the Norman Bird Sanctuary’s Family Nature Night!One of the best resources to find out more is the Rhode Island Family Guide.  It’s online and found at the doorways of many grocery stores! So, as the days get longer and we continue to hope for warmer weather, there is still plenty to do, why not get out and enjoy it!