Winter Wellness Tips



Now that the first big snow has fallen in our area, it seems a good time to be reminded of ways to help keep our kids and families healthy this winter.  Of course many of us get a flu shot and take extra vitamin C in preparation for the cold weather, but for children there’s more we need to do!  Here are several tips to help.  Enjoy the winter and stay well.
Wash hands:  It seems simple enough and most children are used to doing this several times a day in schools or child care.  Doing it at home is just as important.  Regular hand washing is the simplest, most effective way to get rid of cold and flu bugs. Remember to wash hands with soap and warm water after using the toilet, before meals and snacks, and as soon as children come home from school, the playground, or a friend’s house

Get enough sleep:  Regular bedtime routines are important so that young children are sleeping as much as their little bodies need to stay healthy. Sleep is essential for a healthy immune system, so make sure your kids aren’t missing out on much-needed zzzz’s.
Stay home:  It’s important for children to attend school and for some parents staying home means missing work. But when a child is truly sick, they need to stay home in the care of an adult to get well and to prevent spreading illness to others.


Kelly Wishart  kelly