World Breastfeeding Week



August is the month when we celebrate a worldwide breastfeeding initiative that recommends exclusive breastfeeding from birth to 6 months of age, continuing with complementary foods for up to two years or beyond.  It is the best way to provide infants with the nutrients that they need.   Science has proven that a breastfed baby has less sick visits to their doctor as an infant, and is the recipient of numerous health benefits throughout their childhood.

We joined the efforts of World Breastfeeding Week in a variety of ways.  Our staff supported the success of the RI Breastfeeding Coalition’s Born to Breastfeed event where more than 1,700 visited Roger William’s Zoo to celebrate the week, enjoy a night out and learn about resources available within our communities.  Our agency’s breastfeeding support programs displayed breastfeeding education tables at five of our sites,and World Breastfeeding Week water bottles were offered to all breastfeeding mothers.   A generous donation of nursing bras, tank tops and nursing covers made by Loving Moments by Leading Lady arrived in time to support our celebration of the week.

This week we are excited and pleased to have launched a new initiative for moms in our WIC program. We are sending out congratulatory, hand written notes to each exclusively or mostly breastfeeding mother as she reaches each new month; these are milestones to be celebrated and encouraged!  At Children’s Friend we know that an educated and supported parent is an empowered parent.  We are proud to carry this through in our support and encouragement at the very earliest stages of life.

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