Adoption and Foster Care

The federal Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System data for 2019 was recently released. The data shows 423,997 children in foster care in the United States on the last day of the federal fiscal year. This number is roughly the same as in 2009. The data also showed the median age of the children in foster care was 7.7 years old. This is a significant decrease from the median age in 2009, which was 9.7 years. Simply put, children are entering the foster care system at an earlier age.

This data reinforces the importance of Childrenā€™s Friend’s work, and our foster families focused on the youngest and most vulnerable children. It also reinforces the need for additional families to step forward and provide a safe and loving temporary home for a young child in need. If you are open to learning more about Foster Care at Childrenā€™s Friend, please contact Heather Ashworth at

David Caprio, President, and Chief Executive Officer