Summer Time!

  Although the school year just ended a month ago local department and convenience stores are filling the aisles with back to school supplies.  Pocket folders, binders, pencils, crayons, and a host of other necessities are spilling over the edges of shelves waiting to be claimed by kids and families. It seems, as usual, we’re […]

The Need for Empathy

With the news of the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of and the need for empathy.  In the world of child development, a child’s socio-emotional development is an important priority and milestone in learning.  Yet, somewhere along the line, it seems to become less important in adulthood and too […]

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses…

  In the past few weeks I have watched the news, seen the pictures and heard the rulings.  Nearly 2,000 children housed in temporary circumstances separated from their parents and other caregivers whom they know. What is happening in the news is not what I thought this country stood for.  It feels incongruent and inconsistent. When […]

We Did It!

Congratulations! Thanks to our combined efforts over the last few months, Governor Raimondo signed a budget bill for FY 2019 which restores $18 million in funding to the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). With your support we sent thousands of messages to our legislators through emails, post cards, phone calls, and in-person meetings […]

Uptick in Multigenerational Households

A number of weeks back, I wrote on the subject of affordable housing and mentioned that some families may resort to multigenerational households. It appears that households with at least two generation of adults are on the rise.  The Pew Research Center’s recent findings indicate that approximately 20% of U.S. households lived with multiple generations. […]


  I love this time of year.  Not only because in the summer there are fewer buses on the road as I travel to work, but because it is the time of year when we celebrate! The first Thursday of June has (at least for the last eight years) seen Children’s Friend celebrate our successes […]

Congratulations to Our HFA Graduates

  Last week I had the opportunity to attend a very special graduation ceremony for 13 families in our Healthy Families America program (HFA), which honored and recognized their hard work and participation in this program for four or more years. Healthy Families America is a national evidence-based maternal and child home visiting service. HFA […]

“Why Are Our Most Important Teachers Paid the Least?” 

Earlier this year, the NY Times discussed the critical impact of early childhood education, in a provocative article entitled  “Why Are Our Most Important Teachers Paid the Least?”  Not only are the outcomes notable but it can “level the playing field for low income black and Hispanic children”.   As a Head Start program in the […]

Your Advocacy Makes a Difference

  Thank you to all who have participated in our advocacy efforts to ensure sufficient resources for our child welfare system. We are making our concerns heard regarding the DCYF budget and the poor outcomes our most vulnerable kids are facing. In the coming weeks the General Assembly will be making final budget decisions. Please […]

A Robust Economy and Affordable Housing

  As I drive through the west side of Providence every day, it is inviting to see improvements to this urban area.  At times, when the traffic commute is heavy, I cut through the narrow side streets to see my childhood neighborhood. While we embrace such improvements, one of the unfortunate by-products of a robust […]