Advocacy Wins for Babies in 2019

  At Children’s Friend, advocacy is core to our identity.  In fact, it’s one of our five principles: “We take a leadership role in educating policymakers and the public on the needs of the youngest and most vulnerable children, even when it means taking risks for the benefit of children.”  We believe that we can’t […]

Here’s To Your Health!

As we say farewell to 2019 and welcome the start of a new decade, we at Children’s friend wish you all health and happiness. This time of year it is important to take care of ourselves and take some precautions to keep ourselves and our families healthy.  According to the Rhode Island Department of Health, […]

Recipe for Employee Well-Being

  Baking is an activity that I find therapeutic. Finding a new recipe that reflects the intentions of a new year is always exciting. Finding a new flavor, a lighter version of a classic, or maybe a fusion of two recipes that create a new dessert all have the possibility of becoming a new favorite. […]

The Giving Season

Those of you familiar with Children’s Friend know that we are currently in the midst of the Spirit of Giving Holiday Drive. Through the Holiday Drive we match young vulnerable children with generous donors in the community, to provide some basic gifts for the winter holidays. We still have 200 families that are awaiting sponsors. […]

November is National Adoption Month

Every November we celebrate National Adoption Month.  We acknowledge and celebrate those families supported through adoption at Children’s Friend.  On November 2nd, we invited over 100 families to an Adoption Celebration where they enjoyed great food, conversation, and family fun. This year, we were fortunate to have a guest speaker, April Dinwoodie.  April is nationally […]

Early Childhood Teacher Shortage

  As the largest Head Start provider in the state, Children’s Friend is a loud voice in advocating for the importance of early childhood education. The years between birth and five are critical for brain development, and research has shown that high-quality preschool education gives children a strong start in life. Children’s Friend has the […]

Dorcas International and Children’s Friend

  Much of our attention these past few months has centered around the renovation and opening of our new Althea Early Childhood Center of Excellence. Just as exciting has been an amazing partnership with Dorcas International Institute. Through this partnership, just a few weeks ago, we opened a Head Start classroom at the Dorcas International […]