The Future of Work is Employee Well Being

Workplace wellness abstract color concept

We know that the pandemic has been very tough on America’s physical and mental health and we know that the personal and professional stress of the last two years has taken a toll on our workforce at Children’s Friend.

When employees are physically, mentally and emotionally well, they will perform better, and for us that is critical to deliver high quality services to a vulnerable population.

We recognize that our staff are most valuable asset and we are committed to improving the employee experience. As an ever evolving agency, we’re calling for a staff Volunteer Army to come together to focus specifically on employee well-being, so that we can do everything possible as an agency to support our staff. The Volunteer Army’s purpose is to engage all levels of our workforce and meet our most pressing challenges and opportunities as an agency with innovation, creativity, and drive.

The lack of resources and attention devoted to workforce wellbeing is not new. But, we hope the pandemic can lead to better conversation and changes to help our staff manage their physical and mental health, so they can return to what is most meaningful- their engagement with their work, families and communities.

Dana Mullen, Chief of Programs