Project Family

Project Family helps to avoid the unnecessary placement of children in foster care by intervening early and working to support and strengthen the entire family. Project Family provides home-based services for families statewide identified by the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF).

Project Family effectively helps parents improve their parenting skills, meet their family’s basic needs, and access community resources such as mental health or substance abuse treatment.

Parents participating in services were able to show more acceptance of their children, and become more consistent in their use of discipline

Project Family provides individualized services for families, including:

  • Home-based services
  • Substance abuse assessment and monitoring
  • Mental health monitoring
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family assessment and counseling
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Court advocacy
  • Nursing Assessment and Services
  • Supplemental Visitations
  • 24/7 emergency on call support
  • Aftercare services post DCYF involvement

Project Family also links families with community resources, including:

  • Substance abuse treatment agencies
  • Child care
  • Health care
  • Housing
  • Family assessment and counseling
  • Education
  • Mental health
  • Legal services
  • Medical Services

For more information please contact Rachel Cooper at 401.276.4373 or