Advocacy at Children’s Friend

Advocacy: Why Now?

TWO YEARS INTO THE PANDEMIC, the most vulnerable communities in Rhode Island are suffering. The systems of care that should be there for us all – therapy for kids with developmental disabilities and delays, childcare and early childhood education, family home visiting, substance use disorder treatment – are breaking under the pandemic’s stresses. We need fundamental, structural change. We need it now. And we cannot settle for Band-Aid solutions. 2022 is our opportunity – a once-in-a-generation opportunity – to invest in future generations. While we applaud the Governor’s proposed budget provisions that would grow childcare access and affordable housing in the state, a sad truth remains: overall, the proposed budget comes up far too short when it comes to Rhode Island’s kids.

What Are Our 2022 Priorities?

Make Sustaining Investments in Early Intervention & First Connections: Enact a substantial permanent rate increase for these essential programs that help infants and toddlers with developmental challenges and the most vulnerable families in the state.

Increase Sustainable and Supportive Investments in DCYF-contracted programs: Include a permanent rate increase for DCYF-contracted programs in order to ensure stable care and comprehensive support for all foster, adoptive, and at-risk children and families across the state.

How Can I Help?

Every week on our social media, we’ll be lifting up the voices of our clients and communities most impacted by these decisions. And we’ll regularly be inviting you to act, calling on our elected officials to do right by kids and families.

Shelby Mack, Manager of Strategy