Celebrating Fathers This Week

We are just one week away from Father’s Day. Do something different this year. Skip the usual tie, coffee mug, or joke gift. Honor your Dad this Father’s Day by investing in a powerful program that serves Fathers in need.

Fathers play a significant role in the lives of their children. You know how well your Dad has cared for you and the impact that has had on your life. Honor this legacy of love by supporting other fathers and families in need right in our own communities. This Father’s Day, give other dads an opportunity of a lifetime.
The Children’s Friend Dads Job Training Program provides fathers with the hard skills and technical training needed to get good jobs and support their families. It also helps them build stronger relationships with their children.

Fathers in our program build relationships with other fathers receive training in communication, parenting skills, job searches, and interview skills. Graduates of the 12-week program leave with construction, environmental services, welding, and metalwork expertise, as well as OSHA, HAZMAT, and forklift certifications. They are able to support their families, build strong, positive relationships with their children and peers while honing their skills and ability to secure long-term employment.

A donation in your Dad’s honor or memory will not only celebrate your Dad but help other fathers become confident, caring, involved fathers. We think that’s a terrific gift to give a great Dad like yours.

To give to the Children’s Friend Dads Training Program, click here.