Decisions, decisions… It seems we are living in a world where we are all holding our breath on the results of the next ‘decision.’ How much longer are we in the current phase? Will schools open? What will happen with the election in November?

As Rhode Island and the country decide how to move forward, we re-opened our Summer Program in July. The decisions regarding the next steps for services – how, when, and where – continue to be made on a weekly and daily basis.

At Children’s Friend, the agency leadership weighs a variety of complex decisions every day. This pandemic is unprecedented, but we are fortunate to have a great team and the guidance of internal and external experts to assist in navigating the next steps for the families we serve and our staff.

In this environment where flexibility is necessary, communication is key. We recently conducted a survey of our management team to help us understand how these daily decisions are felt and experienced. The results we overwhelmingly positive.

The majority agreed that:
Children’s Friend leadership has made reopening decisions with the best interests of clients, staff, the agency overall, and the community in mind.
Children’s Friend has lived up to its Principles of being Family-Centered, Stewards, Seamless, Outcome-Driven, and Advocates throughout the reopening process.
As frequent decisions continue to be necessary, we continue to be committed to centering the best interests of our clients, staff, and community, with our guiding Principles at the fore.


Rebecca Paquette
Chief of Talent Management