Fatherhood Initiatives



Righting Re-entry and Relationships

The Righting Re-entry and Relationships vision is that by promoting positive relationships between young fathers and their children and through strong re-entry and community services, young, incarcerated fathers will have a positive impact on their children’s lives and will see a decrease in criminal recidivism.

The goals of the project are:

1) to provide father-child relationship-based interventions and supports to strengthen attachment and involvement

2) offer pre- and post- release comprehensive, integrated mentor and supportive services to strengthen community integration and decrease recidivism

3) improve workforce knowledge and competency in working with incarcerated fathers pre- and post-release.

For more information please contact Rachel Cooper at 401.276.4373 or rcooper@cfsri.org.


Dads Job Training Program

Children’s Friend provides a job training program for Dads whose family are clients of the agency. This 12-week paid training program is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills or to expand a skill set. Our comprehensive program introduces participants to basic facilities construction and maintenance; metal working; and environmental services. Successful participants receive multiple certifications, including:

  • OSHA-10 certification
  • HAZWOPER-40 (Hazardous waste operation and removal) certification
  • Lead RRP (removal, renovation and painting) certification
  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Forklift training
  • Metalworking certificate

Dads also received job readiness training (resume writing, job search techniques, and effective interviewing skills) as well as soft skills training (effective communication in the workplace, managing expectations, and dealing with conflict on the job). For more information contact Susan Grant at 401.721.6474 or sgrant@cfsri.org.

View Marc’s Story – a success story of a participant in our Dad’s Training Program

Dedicated Dads Group

Children’s Friend has long recognized the important role fathers play in the lives of their children. That is why, for over a decade, Children’s Friend has facilitated a dad’s group – an opportunity for fathers to interact with their peers, build relationships with other fathers, to share openly and to learn from one another.

Our “Dedicated Dads” group is a fun, informative and educational environment that support men in their role as father or father-figure. In addition, opportunities for fun parent/child interactions are built into the schedule, including a bowling night and visiting local parks. Our Dads Group meets every Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at our Friendship Center. Dinner and child care are provided.

For more information contact Susan Grant at 401.721.6474 or sgrant@cfsri.org.