Foster Parent Appreciation Month

Each year in May, we celebrate Foster Parent Appreciation Month along with all of our Childrenā€™s Friend foster parents.  We typically do this by gathering together, usually in a restaurant, while we enjoy each other, great food, and good cheer!  This is always one of my favorite events of the year, where I get to see foster parents that have been with us for quite some time and also where I meet new foster parents for the very first time. It is incredibly inspirational and humbling to be part of this group and witness the dedication and commitment of our foster parents and the staff that support them.

This year, however, is different.  Although our annual celebration has been postponed, we have not forgotten how amazing our foster parents are.


The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in foster children not being allowed to see their birth parents.  Thank you to all  of our foster parents who continue to support and nurture the bonding and attachment between children and their parents through virtual visits.

We continue to run our Foster Parent Support Group, which is now done through the use of technology.  Foster parents continue to check in with each other, and share strategies on topics such as homeschooling, and helping children cope with their new reality.

Throughout all of this, our foster parents continue to take children in need into their safe and nurturing homes.  And for this we thank you.

Please take a moment to read The Starfish Story.  This is what foster parents and we at Childrenā€™s Friend do, making a difference one child at a time.





Dana Mullen, MA

Chief of Programs