Honor your truth, whatever it is.

“Our strength is in the power of thought, in the power of truth and in the power of words” – Alexander Herzen 

Yes, I am writing about a quote I recently read.  Admittedly, because I enjoy motivational quotes.  I am the one sharing them on social media or hearting them when someone posts.  The reality is that every now and then, we all need a motivational quote to lift our spirits.  Like me, most people use motivational quotes to provide us with much-needed wisdom to get our focus back, to inspire us to tackle a project, cope with a bad day or transition.  Sometimes quotes help us get perspective and encouragement to believe in ourselves, certain things about the world, and how we belong.  

Since reading the above quote for the first time, I have been reflecting on how compelling those words are to me.  I could write a lot about what this entire quote means, instead, I want to focus on the section: “our strength is in the power of truth”.  What does that even mean?  To me, the power of truth means being able to share my perspective and how I experience life.   Being able to express my concerns, my worries, my needs, my shortcomings, my wins, what helps me, and sometimes, the fact I do not have answers for things, or that I lack certain knowledge.  Being aware of my truth is powerful as it allows self-reflection, and the ability to create intentional pathways, and to leverage available resources to improve in the areas that I may be struggling with.  

I read an article once that stated that it is difficult to make any real progress on the journey of self-discovery, self-realization, self-empowerment, and healing without understanding and articulating one’s truth. I write this, hoping to empower some to reflect on their truth. Telling your truth will help you have more clarity about who you are, what you experience, and what supports you need to be successful at anything you do in life.  So, honor your truth, whatever it is, and then decide what to do with it!     

Tiana Ochoa, LCSW, VP of Programs/Head Start Director