It Takes a Village

In these trying times, we have come to rely on, and collaborate with, many of our community partners to provide an array of services for vulnerable children and families.  Central Falls has been one of our hardest-hit communities, and many of our clients are still experiencing the devastating impacts of COVID-19.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, Jenks Park Pediatrics in Central Falls has been consistent, reliable, and invaluable in providing COVID-19 resources for the community and clients and staff of Children’s Friend.  Their team of friendly, helpful professionals has made COVID-19 testing easily available. They are now providing the same high-quality care as they educate and make the vaccine available to the community. They have figured out how to avoid extended recordings with multiple menus or complicated web-based registration platforms and replaced them with genuine in-person contact.   They have instilled confidence in the system and brought hope and stability when there was an abundance of fear and confusion.
Because of the deep and lasting pandemic impacts in the Blackstone Valley community, many are finding they are experiencing health-related concerns and are experiencing increased stress and financial instability.  Food insecurity is at an all-time high, and many families struggle with putting food on the table.  Trusted community partners such as Progreso Latino and the Segue Institute for Learning are partnering with the Rhode Island Community Food Bank to help those in need. These organizations are operating much-needed food pantries and have become a lifeline for the community.  At Progreso Latino, they “are aware that it takes courage and humility to ask for help and applaud anyone who takes that step.  One of the goals of the pantry is to not only send families home with an emergency supply of non-perishable food but also to make the experience of going to a pantry a less difficult one.”
Special thanks to all that continue to do this work each and every day. It Takes a Village, and we will get through this together!
Dana Mullen, Chief of Programs