One of Our Hidden Gems

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At Children’s Friend, we have a rich diversity of expertise, skills, thoughts, and knowledge, which gives the agency a solid foundation for supporting employees’ growth. Earlier this year, when the agency was awarded grant funding for a project that required a tight timeline, we found ourselves brainstorming ways to support the project’s success. With very little time to figure it out and no budget to hire a project manager, the Executive Team had to be quick on our feet to find a solution.

It was then that we remembered that Millie Rivera, Professional Development Specialist, had recently graduated with her bachelor’s degree in business management. I recalled speaking with Millie about her career aspirations and remembered she was interested in project management opportunities. Knowing this, we explored the possibility of her taking on this task, shifting her professional development work temporarily to other staff to fill the gaps. It worked. Millie is doing great and, thanks to her organizational and problem-solving skills, the project is going smoothly.

Millie is an example and a reminder of not-so-hidden talent at Children’s Friend. Being a non-profit means finding ways to tap into talent resources. As the innovative leader in improving the well-being and healthy development of Rhode Island’s most vulnerable young children, it is vital for us to be flexible and to think creatively. Uncovering talent is not only important for retention; it benefits both the employee and the employer. It is an example of living innovation in our family of talented staff.

Great job, Millie; keep growing!

Rebecca Pauquette, Chief of Talent