Playground Perspective

A multi-ethnic group of four children, 5 to 7 years old, playing together on a playground during school recess. They are sitting side by side on two slides, looking at the camera, waving. They are all wearing masks, back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

A few days into my new role at Children’s Friend, I traveled to one of our sites for IT assistance with my laptop. While waiting in the parking lot at the site, a burst of energy brought my attention to the playground. 

A group of masked preschoolers began to run after each other with uninhibited joy and enthusiasm! 
Their relationship dynamic was both individualistic and collective. There was a natural acceptance of each other. And when one child fell, they all showed concern, empathy and were very supportive and encouraging. 
While all of this was in play, a boy found his way to a bench close by and hung his head. Instantaneously a teacher and the students migrated toward him, bringing him back into the fold. At that moment, I was reminded that we all have a natural inclination and sense of belonging at all ages and stages in our lives. Social belonging is a fundamental human need, hardwired into our DNA, and belonging is good for business.  As a new leader, I can truly appreciate the sincerity and intentional efforts to bring me “into the fold” at CFS.  
When employees feel like they belong, companies reap bottom-line benefits and more.

Lucy Rose-Correia SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPC
Chief of Talent