Each December, we find ourselves reflecting upon the year gone by.  We think of our successes as well as our challenges and vow to make those New Year’s resolutions. 

Last week at Children’s Friend, we had our final management meeting of 2021 where we took a moment to reflect on our Vision 2025 journey, a journey that will allow us to have a bigger impact on kids and families and that will allow us to do more of our most meaningful work.  We asked the question, “What brought you to Children’s Friend?”  This exercise was a much-needed break from our typical agenda-driven management meetings and it was inspiring to hear the dedication and passion we all bring to this work.

During this busy holiday season, and into the ever and rapidly changing new year, I encourage you to take a pause for reflection.  Pausing gives us a chance to think about what really matters both personally and professionally, and to learn and grow from our experiences.

Ronald Contreras, Chief of Finance