Solution Revolution! I’m a new teacher – now what?!

Since she has to work from home because of the coronavirus shutdown, the mid adult woman uses video conferencing to meet with her colleagues.

The Office of Strategy Management and the Innovation Lab recently started documenting and sharing out innovative work at Children’s Friend.  We call it “Solution Revolution” – it highlights staff taking charge with creative solutions. We’re sharing one of these with you today!

I’m a New Teacher, Now What?!

Being a new teacher can be overwhelming. Head Start regs, child care licensing rules, CF policy…there is so much to learn to be successful at supporting kids and families. So, how is CF innovating to make sure all new teachers feel prepared and supported? This year, the Child Development Coaching Team launched a virtual onboarding program for new teachers/TAs and existing teachers/TAs who needed a refresher. The 8-week course outlined expectations for teachers and covered critical topics such as active supervision, curriculum, and many more. The hour-long sessions were offered multiple times, at different times of the day, to make sure everyone could participate. More than 40 teachers and TAs participated. The program will be re-run with a new cohort of teachers/TAs soon.

A teacher participant in the class noted: What I liked the most was the opportunity to ask questions and get background on why we do things the way we do. One Child Development Supervisor commented: The virtual onboarding was great. The staff began the school year being more prepared for the year. Maryann’s team is amazing. They have so much knowledge and it was so helpful, especially when things are so crazy. Great job Child Development Coaching Team for embracing ongoing improvement and being open to new ways of working!

Robert Hagberg
Chief of Strategy