Taking Care

On the eve of the most important election of modern times energies are high. Fueled by Covid, the economy, and the societal stresses of systemic racism, our families and staff are under tremendous stress. We are all trying to get through it, anxiously awaiting 2021.

With all that is happening in the world, I often think- ‘is my own state of mind something I should be focusing on now with so much of the world in a state of crisis and dismay? Is it morally appropriate for me to tend to my own stress when so many others are suffering?’ I struggle with this brutally honest question daily. It’s a question myself and countless others wrestle with while serving others.

There are many messages about how important it is to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. Slow down, practice healthy living habits, meditate, and breathe. I cannot say any of this comes easy. Last week Children’s Friend held our first ever Virtual Benefits Fair. Throughout the week we invited employees to connect with vendors representing our robust benefits package in open forum Zooms. One of the sessions started with a 3-minute breathing exercise led by one of our committed managers, Lisa Granda.

That 3-minute exercise led to me taking 3 minutes daily for the last week. This short healthy practice is giving me time to connect my body and mind before the day begins. I see this as my start to better health. I encourage all to take time for yourselves, for your families, for loved ones. Helping myself is not only helping me to take care of others, it’s keeping me grounded so I can keep my eye on the light at the end of 2020, three minutes at a time.

Rebecca Paquette, Chief of Talent