Thank Our Teachers and Nurses


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National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 4th

National Nurses Day, May 6th

This is a special week! We celebrate our nurses and teachers this first week in May for all they do to support the education and health of our children and families.   Despite the challenges of the past 15 months, our nurses and teachers continued to put our children first – implementing remote and socially distant visits and wellness checks, ensuring that our children were safe and thriving. And our teachers adopted the most creative and innovative ways to engage our children as the agency adjusted to remote learning and then safely opened our classrooms. 

Our nurses and teachers have been a lifeline for our children and families, serving as a lifeline in difficult times, offering access to health services and supports, inspiring curiosity, and most importantly, ensuring children are safe and healthy.

This past year, we’ve learned so much — the importance of health, our families and loved ones, the positive impact of quality education on children, and the incredible work of our nurses and teachers. Our nurses support the healthy development of or youngest and most vulnerable. Our teachers spark young imaginations and build skills for life.

I am sure that anyone who has sought medical care for themselves or their families or has supported their child’s remote learning over the last months would agree. The expertise, care, and concern of our nurses and teachers make all the difference.  It would be a much different world without them.

To our nurses, teachers, teaching assistants, and all classroom staff, we thank you for your essential work. This week, please take a moment to thank our nurses and teachers with a kind word, a special note, and a huge thank you for all they do.



Stacy Couto

Vice President of Philanthropy