To Reduce Child Poverty, Increase Family Incomes

Happy Latin family sitting in the street

At Children’s Friend, our priority is working with the most vulnerable families for transformation towards well-being and healthy development.  We know that one of the deepest roots of vulnerability is lack of access to real economic opportunity – and children are more likely to live in poverty than any other group in the United States.  That is not okay.  That’s why we’ve recently advocated for #YesOn3RI and #YesOn5RI to increase access to affordable housing and child care and why we work with families towards financial wellness.

A recent study from Child Trends tells us something that may seem obvious, but that is critical: A key to addressing child poverty is increasing family incomes.  Having adequate income reduces parental stress and improves children’s well-being, allows parents time with their kids, and can help level the playing field for families of color who have been shut out of opportunity by systemic racism.

Solutions exist!

Right now, there are several innovative ideas for addressing family income on the federal level, including a per-child cash benefit and improving the current child tax credit. And on the local level, we can all advocate for adequate incomes for families.

Read the full report here.  Child Trends writes:

“Of course, money can’t provide all the essentials a child needs to flourish. As The Beatles famously sang, “money can’t buy me love,” nor does it guarantee the nurture, care, and protection that a loving parent or caregiver gives in abundance. But money is essential to meeting children’s basic needs. It provides the resources and opportunities that support optimal child development. It can free up parental time, support parental employment, and promote equity. These are good things not only for kids but for everyone.”

Robert Hagberg, Chief of Strategy