Vote Yes on 5, and Invest In Rhode Island Kids and Working Families.

Preschool age African American child at soup kitchen with family

Despite the challenging times, the work of promoting the well-being and healthy development of Rhode Island’s youngest and most vulnerable children continues. One part of this work is ensuring that we continue to make investments in the future. The Early Childhood Care and Education Capital Fund – a $15 million dollar state bond, also known as Question 5, is on the ballot in Rhode Island on March 2, 2021. This bond would create a fund for the creation of high-quality physical spaces for early education facilities in Rhode Island. Knowing that it is high-quality early childhood programs that make two generations of positive impact, the approval of this bond is key to the future success of our kids and our State. Please join us in voting Yes on 5, and invest in Rhode Island kids and working families.  Click here for more information


David Caprio, President and Chief Executive Officer