Take Action and Make a Difference!

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COVID has brought significant challenges to us, our communities, and the families we serve.  Now, Rhode Island is facing a staffing crisis in childcare, DCYF programs, Early Intervention, and more.  This crisis impacts not only our own ability to serve families – but it also jeopardizes families’ access to these vital services in Rhode Island.  Without big changes, kids and families who need help are not going to get it. 

With American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds available in Rhode Island, I am hopeful we can turn this crisis around.  We need lawmakers – our representatives and senators – to approve Governor McKee’s proposed solutions.  I ask you all to call or email your representative and senator to immediately invest ARPA funds to address our childcare, health, and human services crises.  Together we can make a difference.

Click here to download a call script.

Click here to download a letter template.

Dana Mullen,
Chief of Programs