State of Babies Yearbook 2019

  A new report released by ZERO TO THREE and Child TRENDS, titled “State of Babies Yearbook 2019”, gives Rhode Island high marks overall for policies and programs which achieve good outcomes relating to supporting the healthy development and well-being of Rhode Island’s babies and toddlers. While overall Rhode Island ranks very well compared to […]

What Are Your Strengths?

Think about a great day at work… Did you make a meaningful connection with a client? Knuckle down and complete an important project? Energize your colleagues around a shared goal? Strategize to overcome a business challenge? Odds are, you were at your best when you engaged your unique strengths and talents on the job. In […]

Paving the Way for Equality

  As we wrap up the 50th anniversary of honoring Black History Month, there was an article that caught my attention last fall.  A graveside commemorative ceremony took place honoring the only Rhode Island African-American soldier killed in action during World War I one hundred years ago. When the United States declared war against Germany […]

The Original Head Starter

I had no idea just how far reaching one man’s work could be until I read the story of the “Father of Head Start”, Edward Ziglar. Dr. Ziglar passed away on February 7th in Connecticut. He was 88 years old. As a child Ziglar benefited from programs provided by the local immigrant settlement house in […]


The first meeting of the Walk Planning Committee officially launched last week.  The 17th Annual Walk & Run sponsored by Panera Bread is scheduled for May 4th at the Roger Williams Temple to Music. Here’s to another year of fantastic food from our title sponsor, Panera Bread, great entertainment, a challenging walk and run, and […]

Meet Virginia Najarro, Champion for Children!

Please join me in celebrating Virginia Najarro, a Rhode Island business owner recognized last week as a “Young Children’s Champion” at the Kids Count Celebrating Young Children Luncheon. Virginia’s accomplishments stand out amongst the many and every day she makes a difference in the lives of our youngest children in Rhode Island. Her Four Star […]

Breakthroughs with Science-Based Innovation

  The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University recently released a working paper titled “Understanding Motivation: Building the Brain Architecture That Supports Learning, Health, and Community Participation.” The article finds that when children have early life experiences that support the development of healthy and balanced motivation systems, that they are more likely to […]

Introducing the Office of Strategy Management

In his December 17, 2018 blog, President and Chief Executive Officer, David Caprio identified Children’s Friend new Strategic Priority: “ Too many of the youngest and most vulnerable children in Rhode Island are experiencing devastating outcomes, including death, as a result of abuse and neglect. As stewards of the resources entrusted with us, Children’s Friend […]

Government Shutdown and The Families We Serve

  As the partial government shutdown starts its fourth week, our staff at Children’s Friend are concerned with the potential impact on the families we serve. Recently the administration in Washington announced they found a way to continue funding (through February) the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.  There is one caveat, the payouts for […]

What Are You Looking Forward To Next?

We’re only just finished with the winter holiday season and the next holidays are popping up in newsfeeds on Facebook and Instagram and in retail stores.  Some people even have the countdown to next Christmas going already.  What are you looking forward to “next”?  Are you ready for whatever it is? What I’m looking forward […]