National Teacher Appreciation Week and Giving Tuesday Now

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week!  Please join me in thanking our teaching staff here at Children’s Friend, and all the teachers in our lives this week as we honor those who make the difference for our children. The school day looks very different right now. Our teachers have been as creative and passionate as ever, […]

Look for the Silver Linings

  There is no doubt that all of our lives have turned upside down. We are all living with anxiety during the COVID 19 pandemic. It may seem strange to talk about staying positive during this crisis. Still, positive energy is critical to emotional and physical health. To get us through these troubling times, we […]

Children’s Friend and Panera Bread – What a Team!

  The challenges and devastation of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic are thankfully at least partially offset by the caring and generosity that exists in our community. Many families in our area are already experiencing food shortages and hunger. A large number of the families we serve at Children’s Friend are struggling with not having adequate […]

Meeting Basic Needs During the Coronavirus

In the past few weeks, as the coronavirus has changed so much in everyone’s lives, we’ve been sharing information on everything from how to talk with your kids about the virus to what we’re doing differently to serve families here at Children’s Friend.  The coronavirus is also impacting our communities’ ability to meet basic needs […]

Supporting in a Different Way

There is a lot to worry about at this moment. When staff learned that their jobs would be transitioning to working from home last week, the resounding buzz from our 15 locations was, ‘How are we going to continue serving our families with the same level of service?’ It turns out, there was no need to worry. […]

Working at Home During the Coronavirus Crisis with Kids

  As the Coronavirus continues to make its presence felt globally, we find ourselves making changes to our everyday routine, and we must adapt to the current circumstances. These challenges affect us individually and as a community. As a father of two young children, one of the challenges I have faced working remotely is balancing […]

We’re All In This Together

  These are undoubtedly unsettling times for everyone, and more so for families living in poverty. They are the first to be affected by unexpected emergencies. In these troubling times, it is crucial to think not only about our own families but also about our greater community. How will everyone get by during the Coronavirus […]

How to Talk to Your Kids about COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be stressful for families and communities.  Here at Children’s Friend, we continue to take steps to prevent the spread of this virus. As we take this action, it is equally important to talk to children. The Center for Disease Control recommends the following for parents and caregivers with young children: […]

Introducing The Brain Architects!

You don’t have to be an architect to know that in order to construct a house, you need to start at the bottom with a foundation.  In the same way, the early years of a child’s life provide the foundation for their entire lives as adults and community members.  That’s the big idea behind the […]